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Browse High.St to find shops and businesses on Britain's High Streets (mostly Scotland but growing!). Use this simple but comprehensive site to locate a business, find someone who can provide you with that special item or plan your holiday. The site is organised by town and a search facility is provided if you would prefer to locate products or services by category. All shops and businesses on the High St for featured towns are listed with their contact details and website, if available. Those businesses that have subscribed can be contacted directly by email.

Towns, Shops, Specialists
Browse the high streets of towns as far afield as Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Stirling, St Andrews, Lerwick, St Albans, Taunton, Oxford and Ely. Find high street specialists like Brambles ladies Fashions in Nairn or Forres Antiquarian Bookshop in Moray, or contact them at: Brambles@Nairn.High.St or bookshop@Forres.High.St. Go to the Index to find your town now.

Retailers, Join Us at High.St
We provide high street businesses with a professional web presence. The benefits and more information for independent retailers and small businesses and for larger businesses and franchises can be found by following the links. It does not matter if you are not located on the High Street, this is a virtual High St symbolic of where people go to shop and do business. We link to your own website for free, or can create a page for you. Subscribers to the High Street are provided with a memorable High.St email address: Shop@Town.High.St - "High St" is highly placed on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Altavista, which means customers can find you very easily.

Unique .St Domain
We are often asked if "High.St" is a valid address. Yes it is! '.St' is a valid country code domain for São Tomé & Principe, just as '.uk' is valid for United Kingdom. We own the domain at the next level down, ie 'High.St' and market this for your benefit as the High Street.

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High St News

Next gave the high street more good news when it raised profit forecasts for the second time in 3 months. Good weather had boosted trade, lifting high street sales by over 2% in the 25 weeks to 18 Jul. Retail sales on Scotland's high streets also showed signs of recovery after months of poor figures.
22 July 2009

Microsoft Windows 7. The most exciting and worthwhile update to Microsoft's operating system is nearly with us. After a poor showing with Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 is now available on pre-order and at a very special price. The offer is only available until midnight on the 9th August with expected delivery by 22nd October 2009. The Microsoft Windows 7 Professional version is also on offer. Both these versions are the European versions and therefore ship without a browser; follow the installation instructions carefully and make sure that you have everything backed up and an Internet browser available on CD or DVD before you start. Microsoft Windows 7 has had some very good reviews with none of the troubles that plagued Vista.
18 July 2009

The recent heatwave has caused many shoppers to stay away from the High Street, resulting in a 5.6% drop in retail sales according to figures released yesterday.
10 July 2009

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